There is a market demand for alternative fuels which are more environmentally friendly, with lower harmful emissions. Preferably such fuels should be «drop-in» without any need for modifications to existing engines.

Fossil fuels will remain a major part of the energy mix

Fossil fuels will be with us well into the future. Market research suggests that the consumption of diesel will be steady towards 2030. Furthermore, it will be difficult to switch to carbon-neutral fuels in certain sectors, specifically the transportation sector and the marine sector. The European heating sector will also most probably continue to be reliant upon fossil fuels as part of the energy mix for years to come.

There is a need to bring to market alternative fuels which are more environmentally friendly, and which has lower greenhouse gas emissions. Preferably such fuels should be «drop-in» without the need for major modifications to existing engines.

Reductions depend on engine type, adjustings and modes of operation.

About white diesel

Envirofuels AS positions itself to deliver such an alternative fuel in the form of White Diesel. 

White Diesel is a diesel emulsion. An Emulsion is a mixture of two or more liquids that are usually non-mixable. Our White Diesel is a patented long-lasting emulsion of nano-sized water droplets in traditional diesel fuel. Our White Diesel allows standard diesel engines to run more efficiently and to produce less harmful emissions during combustion, and to decrease the greenhouse gas emissions from burners used for heating or power generation.

The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from White Diesel will depend upon the type of engine or burner, older and larger engines or burners will give better. In the table below we have indicated the type of reductions that at least could be expected from a newer type of engine.

While producing both marine NWD450 and construction diesel, we are also undertaking R&D to produce an emulsion containing both water, methanol and bio-diesel, as this blend will accomodate for 25% reduction in COaccording to EU-RED II-directive.

Our White Diesel qualities

We will deliver White Diesel in qualities that are a substitute to heating oil, contruction diesel and marine gasoil. 

Heating oil is still used to a large degree by industrial and commercial enterprises, and for heating in private households and for other residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Increasingly users are switching to biodiesel alternatives. In our view White Diesel used as heating oil is a superior alternative, and will contribute to substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. 

There is an increasing focus on local pollution due to the use of fossil fuels on constructions sites and in large infrastructure projects. Statsbygg has conducted a full analysis of all pollutants on the construction site and has noticed that the pollution from large construction machines and logistics and transportation is surprisingly high, and the potential for reductions are large. These pollutants are a combination of particle matter and greenhouse gas emissions, which could be highly concentrated particularly in wintertime. White Diesel can contribute to the reduction of 75% of particle matter pollutions on such sites, if used as construction diesel, which is unsurpassed by any other environmentally friendly fuel. In addition significant reductions in CO and NOx will be achieved. We think that White Diesel should become the de facto standard to use on such sites. Why not use the best environmentally alternative fuel available?

Everyone will be able to call to mind a picture of a large cruiseship in a beautiful Norwegian world heritage fjord, with a thick stream of black smoke in its path. When you know that 75% of this smoke would vanish with the use of White Diesel, you can wonder why not every cruise ship in Norwegian fjords would use it. Our ambition is to achieve this. The use of White Diesel as a marine fuel is very attractive not only due to the reduction in particle matter but also reduction in other greenhouse gas emissions. In fact using White Diesel on a Tier I marine engine would reduce the emissions to under Tier II levels.

Please see our submission to the Norwegian Coastal Authority for the use of White Diesel on cruiseships here: LINK (English)

Our production facility

We have established our first large scale production plant for White Diesel in Østfold, Norway.  Producing White Diesel to marine sector, cosntruction and for heating.