Our ventures

Our corporate venturing has a clear focus and the processes we follow aim to emulate the best innovation practices.”


«Green innovation to market» indicates the way

Our slogan «Green innovation to market» clearly communicates that our main focus is on commercializing technologies that can contribute to a green future.

We acknowledge that climate change represents an urgent and potentially irreversible threat to humankind and the Earth, and thus requires a focus on initiatives, actions and solutions, small and large, to accelerate the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Unfortunately, deep reductions in global emissions will be required in order to achieve a sustainable low carbon future, and it should be a common concern for all of us. 

In December 2015 the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was concluded. The central aim of this agreement is to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change by keeping a global temperature rise this century well below 2° Celsius above pre-industrial levels, and to increase the ability of countries to deal with the impacts of climate change, and at making finance flows consistent with a low GHG emissions and climate-resilient pathway. 

The Paris Agreement sets ambitious goals

Our aim is to contribute with our small part. Hence our focus is on technologies that in some form or other can help to solve the climate change challenge and to contribute to reaching the 2°C target set by the Paris Agreement. 

Fossil fuels will be with us well into the future. The best market research suggests that it will be difficult to switch to carbon-neutral fuels in certain sectors, specifically the transportation sector and the marine sector. We therefore focus on alterative, more environmentally friendly, fuels that actually can be used as alternative fuels without the need for major modifications to existing engines. Nordic White Diesel ASA positions itself to deliver such a fuel.

In extension of this, there will be a need to bring to market advanced biofuels and renewable fuels to meet the targets set in EUs Renewable Energy Directive II. The purpose of increasing the use of these kind of fuels is naturally to reduce the use of the fossil alternative. Both Green Energy Extraction AS, and our development project Wood Energy Extraction are positioned to bring such fuels to market. 


Eion Ventures is a corporate venturing company. Basically we try to emulate the venturing activities that one could find in a large corporation trying to leverage upon its internal resources to take new a new technology or innovation to the market. As a corporate venturing company we are a hybrid version of an entrepreneur, incubator, accelerator and venture capitalist.  We are actually in the business of making businesses. 

However, in contrast to the pure entrepreneur, we do not incorporate our own ideas and technologies. We take a semi- or fully developed technology, with the aim of commercializing it and bringing it to the market. We therefore have and seek partnerships with technnology owners which have IP rights to relevant technology and we work in concert with them to bring their technolgy to market.

You can read more in detail about our business processes.

We are in the process of developing a portfolio of projects and companies which will bring to market alternative environmentally friendly fuels, renewable fuels and fuel technologies with an environmental impact which can contribute to sustainable economic- and environmental development, hereunder to nurture a circular economy. See the presentation of our projects and companies.


The starting point for our corporate venturing activities is to evaluate and conduct a due diligence on the technology in question and of the potential technology partner. In concert with this we assess the market potential of the selected technology, and we perform a market and stakeholder analysis to bring forward a market entry strategy. Managing risks and stakeholders and being compliant is a key in enabling “Green Innovations to market”.

Due to the risks that Eion Venture take when we invest time, money and reputation, we need access to intellectual property rights to the technology, however without compromising the rights and benefits to inventors. Based on these we develop a business concept which will be anchored on specified licensing rights to such intellectual property rights, sometimes with a certain exclusivity for a defined geographic area or market segment. The IPR will create a sustainable competitive advantage for the company.

We then develop a business plan, a revenue model and financial budgets, and we move on to incubate and incorporate a company based on this business concept and the IPR. In this process we leverage upon the team that we have available in Eion Ventures, and our portfolio companies, as well as our business network. Eion Ventures supports with resources to accelerate the development of the incorporated company.  

No company can grow without cash. We are focused on innovative financial solutions. However, we focus on attracting private investors on a case-by-case basis to raise seed capital and development capital for our companies. This capital spurs investments and growth in our companies and contributes to the building of organizations. It enables us to scale the business.

As the companies grow and the organizations develop, we take a more strategic approach in our ownership. We want to be a reasoned strategic owner of our businesses, which means that we periodically monitor the potential for further strategic development of the business and we might evaluate potential exit strategies.

As a principle, we do not have a finite holding period for our portfolio companies. We might hold them for a very long time, or be opportunistic if the right opportunity or match comes along.